Friday, 28 June 2013

Music I've Been Loving..

Hey Readerrs!

Just thought I'd share some songs I've been loving this week, give them a listen and let me know what you think.. 

Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson 
Love this one, its such a Lazy day song 

Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth, Emeli Sande
This is the kinda song that makes you think, the lyrics ' Let me see 
beneath your beautiful' say that its important to see what a person 
is behind all the make up or behind the mask they wear, behind the 
person they pretend they are to the rest of the world.. its kinda deep ha

Don't judge me okayy.. It's a cute song! 
Talks about loving someone despite their imperfections 
and loving all the things  they hate about themselves, 
it tells you that the people that love you see you in a different 
way to how you see yourself..

The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy  
I love this song, its one of those songs 
that gets you feeling motivated..

This is another song that gets me 
feelings motivated, makes you feel confident 
and ready for anything!

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Please comment below and let me know what music you've been loving lately :)

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