Friday, 28 June 2013

Taste of London Food Festival


Heeey Readers!

Last week i had the opportunity to go to the Taste of London Food Festival.. I was in HEAVEN! So much food, so little time! If you know me you'll know i absolutely LOVE food, love cooking it, love eating it, love cooking programs, love going  to interesting places to eat and trying new things, so the chance to have it all in one place was VERY exciting to me.. 

When we got to Regents park we had to buy these 'Crowns' which acted as money,and the first thing i bought was this interesting little dish which was a bit like a milky cheesecake with strawberrys and pistachios.. was really yummy and light, i also got some Calamari but i ate it before i could take a pic, was soo tasty!

We headed over to the Thai section and watched a presentation of how to make a crab curry dish,the best part was that we got to taste some after, was so delicious but REALLY spicy, felt like someone beat up my tongue but the flavor was worth the pain ha! The best part  about the Food festival was all the free samples, we had samples coming out of our ears!

I've listed below some of my favorites and the company's that provided them:

Joe & Sephs Gourmet Popcorn

 They had popcorn in so many different flavors which was amazing, its such a nice change from the usual sweet, salty or toffee. Some of the ones we tried where Caramel, Pepper & Chilli; each flavor came out in layers, so first you'd taste caramel, then pepper then chilli, was gorgeous!
We also tried goats cheese and black pepper, which kinda tasted like Watsits but waay nicer. We tried Caramel and Whisky and Toffee Apple and Cinnamon.


Soralina is an Italian company specializing in olive oil based sauces and spreads, my favorite one was their Asparagus spread, it tasted very natural and healthy but was full of flavor.


Bubbledogs was part of a presentation we sat at, the chef cooked as he spoke to us, he explained that at Bubbledogs  they have an ever changing menu, and that its never the same week to week. While we sat and listened to him he cooked Crispy Chicken Skins with mascarpone  cheese and this 'Jam' made of bacon, it sounds weird but it was gorgeous. I've always said i wish someone would invent Chicken skin crisps because the crispy skin on a roast chicken is soo tasty and Bubbledogs gave me hope that one day someone will invent them... SOMEONE PLEASE INVENT THEM BECAUSE I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!! ... ok.. calm down Krystal.. *Composes myself* ha  

Here are some pics from the day

My outfit

Me and Janet walking into Taste London

Omd's Plantation Rum makes the most amaaazing rum ice-cream 
Gotta Love a bit of Food Art 

Me posing for the Taste London poster ha..
pretending I'm making a guest appearance as a celeb chef   
A chef showing us how to make stuffed pasta..
was so jealous of the people that got to take part 

This years Taste of London is finished now but make sure you check it out next year, especially if your a foody like me ;)

Please comment and let me know your thoughts or tell me about any food fairs/ festivals you've been to recently

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