Friday, 9 August 2013

Rose Nail Design

Hey Readers, 

Just thought i'd share a nail design i did 
yesterday that i thought was quite pretty.
I did it by painting my nails with a colour 
i'd mixed up myself, i mixed an off white 
nail varnish i had and a light blue one to make this 
pale blue colour. I was a bit messy so if you
wanna try this yourself it might be better to 
use any pale/ pastel colours you have already.

After applying the colour and letting it dry thoroughly 
i added the little roses. Wish i could say i'd painted them myself
 but they're nail stickers, they're a bit like the kiddy water transfer 
tattoos you can get. (If you wanna purchase these yourself there's
 a link HERE)
All you do is cut around the design and stick it in water for a couple seconds, 
place it on the nail, blow it dry and apply a top coat of clear nail varnish.. 
simple as!

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