Thursday, 18 July 2013

Music I've Been Loving II

As you may have noticed all these songs are love songs, I guess I've been in a loved up mood lately ha They all have a way of making me think of my fella:

 1,2,3,4 talks about having that special someone who makes it all better when things are crappy and makes you feel happy and good about yourself, that one person who you could spend hour after hour with and love every second <3

Iris sings 'your the closest to heaven that i'll ever be and i don't wanna go home right now' and 'all i can taste is this moment, and all i can breathe is your light but sooner or later its over, i just don't wanna miss you tonight' these words make me think of that feeling of that person being so special to you that they're just the best thing in your life and having to go home and be away from them just hurts. It also makes me think of those little moments that make a relationship, those memories that just go round and round in your mind and make you love them all the more <3

Still Into You makes me think that in relationships even though ups and downs and things that put a strain on things, and even though they might drive you crazy from time to time, at the end of the day that person still makes you feel like you did in the beginning, you still feel that rush of excitement when you see them and still get butterfly's <3

Love Is Easy is such a feel good happy song which talks about being with that special someone who just makes it easy, that person you didn't know you were missing in your life, that person that it all just feel so natural with, that someone you can be completely yourself with <3

Two Princes is a special one for me because it Our Song. Cant say the words have any special meaning even though its a great song, its just that the weekend i fell for him this song was on all the time and i guess it just evokes good memories and it brings a smile to my face every time it plays. <3 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, 
please comment and let me know 
what you thought, what are some 
songs you've been loving or what
 songs remind you of that special
 someone... <3

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